Primrose oil component cuts levels of cancer-causing gene Her-2/neu

Public release date: 1-Nov-2005

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a substance in evening primrose oil and several other plant oils used in herbal medicine, inhibits action of Her-2/neu, a cancer gene that is responsible for almost 30 percent of all breast cancers, Northwestern University researchers report.

“Breast cancer patients with Her-2/neu-positive tumors have an aggressive form of […]

‘Safe’ painkiller is leading cause of liver failure

08 December 2005 news service Alison Motluk

A POPULAR over-the-counter painkiller is now the leading cause of acute liver failure in the US – and almost half of those cases are accidental overdoses.

Paracetamol (or acetaminophen as it is known in the US) is used by millions of Americans each year, and is […]

Decaffeinated coffee may raise heart disease risk

21/11/2005- Drinking decaffeinated coffee may increase consumers’ harmful LDL cholesterol more than normal coffee, and thin people are at a greater risk, suggests new US study.

Researchers randomly split 187 into three groups: one drinking between three and six cups of caffeinated coffee daily, another drinking the same amount of decaffeinated coffee, and one drinking […]

Mediterranean diet not responsible for overweight Greeks

21/11/2005- Eating a traditional Mediterranean diet to protect heart health is unlikely to lead to weight gain, as some people previously feared, say Greek researchers.

The Mediterranean diet has been reported to increase longevity, protect against heart disease and may even lower the risk of some cancers.

But some nutritionists have raised concerns that […]

Hops rich in anti-cancer compounds

18/11/2005- New research into a flavonoid compound found only in hops shows that it may help prevent cancer if a method to improve its absorption in the body can be found.

The anti-cancer activity of xanthohumol was first discovered around 10 years ago by a team at Oregon State University in the US.

But although […]